Protection Plus


For your favourite and desirable trading cards.



Why slab your cards through Hockey Card World? 

1) Ultrasonically sealed to fully protect your collection.

2) Why spend $150-$300 a card to get slabbed. We only charge $12/card.

3) Custom labels that match the sport or best represent the card to show off your collection. 

4) Holographic serial numbers for each card.

5) All cards scanned front and back prior to being encased.

6) Cards pictured front and back once encased.

7) All 4 pictures uploaded to our database with serial number for all to see.


Each card is encased in a tamper proof plastic case to prevent damage to the card. Each label is unique in color and designed to best represent the card. Large clear font is used to describe the information on each card. On the back, each case has a unique holographic serial number as well as our logo and QR code. 


We at Hockey Card World are not professional graders, nor do we advertise to be. These holders are designed to protect and show off your collection.


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Interested on getting your cards encased? 

Send us up to 15 cards at a time and we will encase your cards in one of our Protection Plus cases. Return shipping fees include Tracking and Insurance.

At this is time we are only accepting cards from Canada and the United States.

We advise that all cards mailed to us be sent with tracking and insurance to guarantee safe arrival. Hockey Card World is not responsible for damage/loss when mailed to us. Once we receive your cards, approximate turnaround time is 2-4 weeks. You will receive a confirmation email upon shipment with tracking.

The cards we can encase at this time are standard cards up to 35pt in thickness 2.5"x3.5". This size is your typical sports card size. All cards shipped to us which do not fit and are too thick will be sent back with the rest of your shipment.


Turnaround time: Canada 1-2 Weeks. United States 2-3 Weeks.

(Please note: These times are an estimate based on on when we receive your order. Orders held at customs or postal disruptions are out of our control and may extend the turnaround time).


Please download our PDF Submission Form and send it in with your cards.


Any Questions please email us.