1) Do I have to purchase my order from this site? - Of course not. There are several ways to purchase from us. We currently sell on this site, Ebay and Amazon.

2) Do you have a walk-in store? - At this time we do not. We have a large warehouse where our product is stored but it is currently not open to the public. The reason for not having a walk-in store is to keep our cost down which saves you money.

3) Can I pick up my order? - Our warehouse is not open to the public. We are located in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. If you are close we might be able to meet you off site. Restrictions apply. Please email for more information.

4) Do you ship worldwide? - Yes we do. No order is too big or too small.

5) How long does it take till I get my order? - Depends on where you live. Since we are located in Ontario, Canada, domestic shipping can take 1-5 business days. Shipping to the United States can take 5-10 business days and International can take 6-8 weeks and all depending on the type of shipping method you choose.

6) Do you accept credit card payments? - Yes, we accept all major credit cards via Paypal's secure online payment system.

7) I live in Canada. Do I have to pay taxes? - Since Hockey Card World Inc. is a registered corporation we are mandated to charge the appropriate taxes depending on what Province you live in. Taxes are included in the price when purchased at one of our local card shows.

8) I live in the United States. Do I have to pay taxes? - No. Hockey Card World Inc. does not have to charge taxes outside of Canada.

9) Do you carry common cards or base cards to finish off my set? - Yes we do. We are currently increasing our base sets.